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Streaming services

Unlimited Mp3 - $19.99

- Receive Untagged MP3

- Unlimited Online Audio Streams

- Unlimited Paid Performances

- Distribute Up To Unlimited copies

- Unlimited Music Videos

- Radio Broadcasting allowed (Unlimited)


Unlimited Wav - $49.99



- Receive Untagged MP3 + WAV

- Unlimited Online Audio Streams

- Unlimited Paid Performances

- Distribute Up To Unlimited copies

- Unlimited Music Videos

- Radio Broadcasting allowed (Unlimited)

Unlimited Tracksout - $99.99

- Untagged MP3 + WAV + TRACK STEMS

- Unlimited Online Audio Streams

- Unlimited Paid Performances

- Distribute Up To Unlimited copies

- Unlimited Music Videos

- Radio Broadcasting allowed (Unlimited)

Release The Music You Create On Any Platform

Get Unlimited Distribution to all streaming services! (Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, etc.)


If you are struggling to find the best mixing and mastering services for your next music release, then we’ve got you covered! 

Mixing and Mastering Services is the foremost place to get beats for sale and instrumental beats for sale. We specialize in providing up to date selection of quality beats from around the world using years of experience on our side.
If you looking for beats for sale online or instrumental beats for sale online, you are at the right place.  We cover every genre of music in providing beats to our clients, some of which include and not limited to; Commercial trap beats for sale, Hip hop beats for sale, Rap beats for sale, dirty south beats for sale, instrumental beats for sale, R&B beats for sale website background music, music for video production, dirty south instrumentals, rap instrumentals and a whole lots more. 

To get some of our packages like the rap beats and hip pop beats online, we allow you sign a licensing agreement. Depending on if you are trying to lease or buy the beat exclusively.

Our non-exclusive agreement can easily be sent for you to fill as you download the content immediately. is the foremost place for producers, artists and upcoming ones in the music industry. We cater for local and international stakeholders in the music industry. 

If you are an upcoming producer and you need to sell your beat online, we will help you take care of it. Beats on sale, instrumental beats on sale, don't fail to call on us. 

Our beats can be used for demos, mixtapes, albums, shows, background music and a whole lots more. 

At, we produce mix and mastered beats that meet the international standard of best practices. Check our terms FAQ page for more details. You can also email us or chat with us online if you have further questions

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Your New Producer

We give every artist the opportunity to use our radio-ready mixed beats without breaking the bank. Take your music to the next level today!

Why Do Artists Choose to Buy Rap Beats Online?

A lot of upcoming and autonomous rap artists are running the web to buy rap beats or instrumentals. The web is a wonderful medium through which artists can get to quality beats at the snap of the button. Purchasing rap beats online is along these lines an exceptionally alluring choice for artists who are attempting to lay down a good foundation for themselves in the music business.


Not exclusively are quality beats simple to get to, they are likewise entirely reasonable contrasted with the one's that you can secure straightforwardly from an actual studio. Basically, purchasing buy rap beats online is the simplest and most advantageous way for any upcoming or independent artists to get their music out there.


There are a lot of advantages regarding the reason why one purchase ought to rap beats on the web. The following are a few advantages to contemplate about.



Getting expertly delivered beats in a studio isn't just costly yet additionally chaotic with regards to time. Interestingly, buying beats on the web isn't just reasonable yet advantageous too. Most upcoming or autonomous specialists might not have an adequate number of assets or spending plan to enlist a maker in an actual studio.


Most makers request great many dollars for a bunch of beats which you can get online for two or three dollars. Buying rap beats online is in this way entirely reasonable and helpful to upcoming or autonomous rappers hoping to make a name in the profoundly aggressive rap industry.

Quality Beats

Save Time

There are a lot of profoundly skilled and promising makers selling their beats or instrumentals on the web. The benefit of such individuals attempting to make a name online is that the nature of beats is delivered eventually, remembering that a given maker is rivaling a lot of different makers for your consideration.


One more certain characteristic of purchasing beats online is that you have the chance to test the beats on a site prior to settling on a buying choice.

One more unmistakable advantage of online beats is that you save time that you would normally spend heading out starting with one studio then onto the next. With a basic Google search, you can get to the top beats commercial centers where you can look for beats that fit your style or cadence.


Purchasing beats online is quick and consistent cycle that starts with testing, choosing a beat, consenting to an arrangement, making installments lastly downloading your beats.

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