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10 Tips if you want to succeed with your songwriting..

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

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  1. Work out who you are writing your music for and how they are going to relate to your music.

  2. Keep writing all the time. You need to be writing continuously even if you don't like what you are writing, otherwise, your imagination will dry up. Write at least 1 new song every week.

  3. Listen to your song. Don't try to fit an idea in just because it is awesome. It may not work with the song. Learn to listen to what your song is saying.

  4. Get out and do things. Inspiration comes from doing other things and you should always keep yourself busy doing non-musical things.

  5. Mistakes can be a good thing. If you put something in you didn't mean to take the time to listen to it, it may sound good! Don't be afraid to leave mistakes in your song if they work.

  6. Don't always use the same formula for your songs. Even if it has worked well before it doesn't mean it will work well again. Keep mixing it up.

  7. Use words that people use every single day. People will remember songs more easily if they are built around everyday phrases.

  8. If it just sounds okay then it isn't good enough! Get rid of it and find something that is incredible.

  9. Make sure your song has its own identity. You can start with something that works but then twists it into something new to create a unique hook.

  10. This is the most important thing in songwriting. You are guaranteed to fail if you don't do...



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