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How to Sell Beats Instrumentals Online and Make Money (Free Sign Up)

Updated: Feb 20

How to Sell Beats Instrumentals Online and Make Money (Free Sign Up)

The industry of online beat licensing is experiencing massive growth. Selling beats online bypasses many of the traditional avenues associated with the music industry, allowing you to take matters into your own hands.

They give you the tools to live off your passion and grow your own wildly profitable beat selling business.


A platform created by producers - for producers

Sell your beats on the best 2020 Marketplace

All beats uploaded to Beatstars will become instantly available for sale on the social Marketplace. This is a place where artists can discover your beats and where you can connect with other producers.

Customizable HTML5 Beat Store

Our fully customizable website player includes an interactive checkout system that ensures a fast, instant, and safe process of payment and file delivery.

Take marketing to the next level with Advanced Analytics

We’ve created the most advanced and in-depth Analytics Dashboard with more data than ever before. Keep track of your daily sales, top beats, top countries, top customers, and more.

Dive deeper into the data by using timeframe metrics or segment the data based on Plays, Sales, Downloads, Earnings, or even who viewed your profile. Instant and Safe payment methods

Beatstars supports PayPal and Stripe payments. Get paid instantly when you sell beats from the Marketplace or your website player.

Collaborate with other producers

Increase the odds and join forces with other Beatstars producers. Split the profit and get paid instantly.


Eliminate manual tasks by retrieving custom sales data, customer information and performance data. Use it to integrate your Beatstars store with other web applications.

Direct Email Marketing integration

Automatically subscribe customers to your MailChimp or ActiveCampaign mailing list, trigger “Thank You emails” or entire email sequences. Buy and Sell and License beats instrumentals online. Connect with musicians, artists, and producers from all over the world.

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